Funded by:

University of Vienna


Symbiont release experiments

Endoriftia transcriptomics

Endoriftia 13C glycine and 13C glucose uptake experiments

Cruise AT 37-04

Chief Scientist: William Seyfried (University of Southern California)

Collaboration partners: Kathleen Scott (University of South Florida), Peter Girgius (Harvard University)

Research Vessel Atlantis

ROV Jason

Austrian participant

Monika Bright

Collections and experiments

Several release experiments in which the release of Cand. Endoriftia persephone from the trophosome of Riftia pachyptila and their ability to “escape” back into the environment conducted with high-pressure vessels. To investigate how this microbe manages to escape I incubated with 13C glycine and 13C glucose for further analyses with NanoSIMS. To investigate how Endoriftia responses to an uncooperative host not providing sulfide to the symbiont I incubated tubeworms under oxic conditions for 2 days. The molecular response will be studied with transcriptomics.