East Pacific Rise Cruise 2003 #1

FWF research project No. P16774-B03


Quantitative Meiobenthos Collections

Collaboration with scientists and crew

31/11/2003 – 24/12/2003

Chief scientist: J. Voight (Chicago Field Museum, Il, USA)

Austrian participants:

Sabine Gollner

Julia Zekely

Research Vessel Atlantis

Deep Submerged Vehicle Alvin

We were invited to continue our research at deep-sea hydrothermal vents at the East Pacific Rise from 8°N to 13°N. Collections of meiobenthos were taken at known and almost unknown hydrothermal vent sites.

More informations about Alvin and Atlantis and all cruises are provided on the WHOI website.

Quantitative Meiobenthos Collections 2003

To continue studies about meiobenthos from hydrothermal vents, this time four active sulfide chimneys and three slurp samples of Alvinella aggregations were taken at 9°N. The community structure will be analysed in our lab to investigate the meiobenthos.

Available diploma theses: Meiobenthos


                                               Avinella collection                                                                              Siphing out bioboxes


                        Meiobenthos sample, red dots are copepods                                                 Sorting collected fauna


                                       Sorting under microscope                                                   Huge Calyptogena magnifica from hot vents

Collaboration with scientists and crew


                               Sabine happy after her first dive untill...                                            a cold green baptism-shower, but...


                                               it could be worse!                                                                                 Scientists and crew


                              Scientist pictures after three weeks                                                                     Last day cook out