Lau Basin, West Pacific

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (Sabine Gollner)

ChEss minigrant (Sabine Gollner)

Austrian Science Foundation grant FWF P20190-B17 (Monika Bright)


Quantitative meiofauna collections

Collections of a new tiny tubeworm species


16/05/2009 - 08/06/2009

Chief scientist: Charles R. Fisher (Penn State University, USA)

Research Vessel Thomas G. Thompson

ROV Jason


Austrian participant:

Sabine Gollner


Due to the invitation of Charles R. Fisher I was able to participate in this research cruise.

Thanks! It was a great experience!



Meiofauna (organisms in a size range from 32 µm to 1 mm) from hydrothermal vents from the West Pacific is almost unknown. In order to explore the diversity of this community and to compare it to what we know from the East Pacific, several samples were taken. We used the quantitative collection device “mussel pot” and sampled mussel and snail communities, which provide habitat for the smaller animals. In addition we also collected a new species of a yet not described tiny tubeworm.


Working with the ROV Jason

Taking care of samples which were collected by the ROV Jason.


The Jason Van from inside: In this container, which is full of screens showing where the ROV currently is, several pilots are operating the robot.