BG/BRG 3 Boerhaavegasse Klasse 3B

A story by Katharina (age 13) about the life of imaginary animals. She was inspired by the deep sea in the subject of arts.

The Asyl

In the depth of the ocean dozes an Asyl. A team of scientists discovered it just recently. It is named after Jonathan Martin Asyl. The female is responsible for the offspring, while the male is in charge of feeding. The female does not have spikes and teeth, hence it is easily distinguishable from the male. One female can give birth to 1250 babies in her life. The babies look like their parents, but instead of tentacles they have antenna like "arms“. At an age of four they developed it first pair of tentacles, at the age of ten the next one and then in steps of ten they get new pairs. Therefore, the discovered Asyl is twenty to twenty-nine years old. It is also very social and because of this does not get attacked so often. If it catches prey, it swims to an Osmaniss (Crypto Masaki, Marraki,...) to share the prey. It has only one enemy: the Osa. The male is rather squarrose, whereas the female is made up entirely of rotundities.

With its scrubbers, the female cleans the belly of many other animals. If the male tries to attack an Asyl the Orsaly always goes in between. The Asyl counts to the class of Strebs, including the Arrb, Afl, Socky....

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Contributions to the expedition in December 2004

International School St. Pölten

BRG X, Laabergstrasse 25-29, 1100 Wien

BRG X Laaerbergstraße, Vienna

This year again: under the guidance of Bettina Hein-Zedtwitz- Liebenstein the forms 1a and 1b (age 10-11) made two fantastic movies. One is about new technologies for submersibles and how they could look, illustrated with models and vivid explanations.

The second one is a cartoon about the exiting dive adventure.

Thank you for this remarkable contribution!

Unfortunately the movies are too big to put them online.

Haupt-und Musikschule Herzogenburg, Lower Austria

After a lecture by Monika Bright, the students of the 4th (age 13-14) form practised how to compose business letters in the subject of German. Here are some examples.

Ingrid sent the questions per email to Monika on the Atlantis. You find the answers under Q & A.

Monika giving a lesson about the deep sea

Three business letters

Landwiedgymnasium Linz Klasse 4A (age 13-14)

Upper Austria

The yeast experiment we did at the school proved that the yeast tolerates darkness as well cold of the fridge. All of the balloons were inflated by the yeast’s metabolism. However, the blue balloons, which were in fridge were smaller. Explanation: because of the low temperature the yeast cannot grow so fast and produces less gas.


                       The balloons after the experiment               The correspondent and the studio manager during the “call to the deep”