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FWF research project P24565-B22 Thiotrophic ciliate mutualism between Cand. Thiobios zoothamnicoli and Zoothamnium niveum – cooperation goes empirical


During this stay we tested 2 sets of new cultivation devices made from different materials. We compared them with the two sets we used during the last stays in terms of flow regime in the chambers and microbial and chemical parameters. In total we performed 14 experiments lasting 2 to 8 days. Since it was too early in the year for Zoothamnium niveum, we monitored the growth of Zoothamnium cf. alternans and the proliferation of Pseudovorticella on wood splinters in the chambers. Furthermore we collected additional samples for the population genetic analyses.

In the second week the students of the yearly bachelor course in Marine Biology joined us for 6 days. They focused on behavior patterns of wood boring isopods, i.e. movement in the three dimensional space and material preferences for their burrows.


Monika Bright

Salvador Espada Hinojosa

Ingrid Kolar