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FWF research project P24565-B22 Thiotrophic ciliate mutualism between Cand. Thiobios zoothamnicoli and Zoothamnium niveum – cooperation goes empirical


After a long and wet winter, salinity was still very low at the canal Sv. Jernej. Most likely, therefore the symbiosis still was not present by the end of May. Instead, we concentrated on a related symbiosis between thiotrophic bacteria and a single-cell Pseudovorticella, performing a set of different cultivations under varying sulfide conditions in differently filtered seawater. In addition we took a lot of samples for characterizing this host and its ectosymbiont.


Monika Bright

Salvador Espada Hinojosa

Tony Bewersdorff

Jean-Marie Volland


Cultivation of Pseudovorticella on wood


Light micrograph of Pseudovorticella


The work in the lab (Monika, Salva and Tony)