KiP2 - Kids Participation in Educational Research

Exploratory study in biological science projects - a methodological approach to research in teaching and its development

Supported by the Ministry of Science and Research in the program „Sparkling Science“

Duration of sea kip 2: March 2011- July 2011


Project leader:

Franz Radits

Project office:

Christine Heidinger

Core team:

Ilse Wenzl, Günther Pass, Manfred Bardy-Durchhalter, Christine Heidinger

Cooperation partners:

Faculty of Life Sciences (University of Vienna), Institute for Unterricht and Schooldevelopement (IUS, University Klagenfurt), IMST - Regionales Netzwerk Wien



In this project we look at the diversity and population patterns of deep-sea limpets which are living at deep-sea tubeworm aggregations in 2500 m depth. Monika Bright took a sample at a hydrothermal vent in the caldera of a volcano of the East Pacific Rise at 9°N. This sample is analysed in the school under a stereomicroscope looking at the abundance of the limpets and the species. The students also determine the proportion between the sexes as well as the proportion of the adults to the juveniles. Furthermore injuries of the shells are taken up in this study. The data is compared with the published literature and the students present the study in a scientific poster.

During the whole project the teams discuss how to proceed, the analysis of the sample and the data and how the students present their study.

Within the scope of this project Susanne Pramendorfer writes her master thesis about expermiental learning under the supervision of Monika Bright and Franz Radits



BRG 19, Vienna

6B: Jing Chen, Ben Cook, Adrian Gahleitner

6C: Maximilian Podsednik, Gernot Rericha, Sonja Schobesberger

7B: Patricia Zundritsch

7D: Maximilian Kattinger

University of Vienna

Klemens Wernisch (teacher) 

Monika Bright (marine biologist, Department of Marine Biology)

Susanne Pramendorfer (master student)

Ingrid Kolar (TA, Department of Marine Biology)

Here you can download the poster where the students presented the final results